About Us




District 11 is part of the worldwide fellowship of Al-Anon and Alateen in Brevard County, Florida, also known as Florida’s Space Coast.

District 11 consists of the Al-Anon meetings that take place in Brevard County, FL, as well as a monthly district meeting (in Cocoa) attended by District Chairpersons (for example, the District Treasurer) as well as a voting representative (Group Representative) from each group. District 11 is part of Area 9, the North Florida Area which is in turn part of the Southeast Region. Al-Anon world headquarters is located in Virginia Beach, VA.

As a district, we participate in area functions, funnel literature and information to the groups including a list of meetings, and host district wide events such as workshops and gratitude dinners.

Due to our tradition of maintaining anonymity, we post no last names, personal e-mail addresses, or personal phone numbers on this site. All fliers and newsletters available here have had personal information removed.

Our printed publications may contain some personal contact information. Attend an Al-Anon meeting in the district if you wish to pick any fliers for upcoming events. Our current meeting list is available on the Meeting List page of this site. You can usually find a printed meeting list in your local library.

Or, you may wish to contact us through our phone answering service. (321) 639-0220.