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Fridays, 10:00 – 11:30am

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

2073 Garden St.


Monthly Format

  • Week 1: Topic
  • Week 2: Step
  • Week 3: Topic
  • Week 4: Topic
  • Week 5: Topic

We are here for anyone who has been affected by someone else’s

Closed meeting:open to Al-Anon and prospective members only.

Business meeting: 1st Friday of each month.

A variety of Al-Anon approved literature is available.

Groups average Attendance: 10 people. We have a good variety of recovery among our members. Experienced and New Members.

Let It Begin With Me

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Positive Attitudes Meeting Information

Positive Attitudes

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30pm

Crossroads Community Church

2436 Croton Rd


North west corner of Lake Washington and Croton Rd.Eastern most building.


What: Monthly Format

1st week: Speaker/Open

2nd week: Step

3rd week: Literature

4th week: Topic

5th week: The Forum


Why: Our sole purpose is to help families and friends recover from
the effects of living with Alcoholism/Addiction

Business Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Literature Available: 6o Years worth of litature written by the

people who have lived with, and recoved from living with

the disease of alcoholism.

Groups average
Attendance: 20-25 people.
Our group displays a good balance of
experienced Al-Anon recovery and new recovery.




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The Forum

‘Helping ‘ my son –letting him be the man he needs to be

                                                                                              By Dynell m., Texas

     My son’s addiction took a toll on our family.  The pain and chaos caused by his illness had transformed our family life into a screaming, blaming, shaming, and guilt-ridden nightmare.  We were living in a feuding daytime talk show.  I had started out playing the loving, concerned, and supportive role but, all of a sudden, that role turned into that of the supporting culprit.

My family was exhausted.  My constant insistence that we had to remain supportive and my controlling notion that there was something else we could all try were about to become the catalyst for the complete disintegration of my family.  With my relentless refusal to accept what had to happen, I was helping to complete what my son’s addiction had failed to accomplish in breaking up our family.

I just knew that my family didn’t  get it.  How could they not understand that he was my child, and that as long as I was still breathing, I couldn’t let one of my own children destroy his life while I stood by and watched?  No one was making sense to me at all!  Until one day, it all became perfectly clear.

My son made the decision to seek help for his addiction.  He sought out a rehabilitation facility and admitted himself for treatment.  The decision had been his alone.  He took the steps he had to take to begin, and complete, the program.  But to hear me recount the events that led up to this decision and the weeks that followed, it was as if he and I had accomplished this together.  I would tell everyone how he and I had gone together to the facility where he would be staying and about the pre-counseling session “we” had to have with the facility’s administrator to understand what “we” would have to do in order to complete the program.

One of the conditions of his admittance was that no family visitation would be allowed for the first two weeks of treatment.  I was not hopeful that he would stay and complete the treatment, but if I had to stay away from him for two weeks in order to help him succeed, it seamed like a rational thing for me to accept.

When the initial two weeks of treatment had ben completed, I was allowed to visit.  My son called me to see if I could bring some quarters,  just so that he could buy himself a canned drink out of the vending machine.

I was more than happy to do this for him.  So happy, in fact, that I thought I could help even more than that.  I wanted to do whatever I could to make his stay there more comfortable, so that he didn’t decide to abandon his progress.  So, on the way for my visit, I decided to stop at the local superstore and buy him a couple of cases of cold drinks.  This way he would have cold drinks that he could store in his room and have whenever he wanted one.  And while I was there, I thought he might like some snacks too.  And he might be more comfortable with a new pair of shoes, and then I remembered the cigarettes.  The other residents of the facility were smoking “economical cigarettes” (as if those two words even belong together in the same sentence), but my son only smoked a special brand.

Looking back on this now, it all seems quite ridiculous.  I just remember thinking to myself that someone, finally, would be able to see just how much I loved my son.  These other men at the treatment center would identify with how much I loved him.  My family hadn’t gotten it, but here was someone who would finally under stand my sacrifice.

When I drove into the parking lot and greeted my son, the other young men who were in the program with him were all watching in disbelief as the two of us were unloading the car.  They understood the situation perfectly.  My son had a long way to go in his treatment; he had many hurdles that he had to overcome.  But he had one obvious problem that had the potential to completely derail his attempt at sobriety.  That problem was…me.

Today, I know that I don’t need to do anything more for my son than what he absolutely cannot do for himself.  I cannot let my need to be a help end up hurting and doing more harm.  The greatest help I can give to my son today is to let him be the man that he should be, the man that he needs to be, and that he has always wanted to be.

July 2014

Reprinted with permission of The Forum, Al-Anon Family Group Hdqts., Inc., Virginia Beach, VA


e-book: How Al-Anon Works is now available!

How Al-Anon Works now available as an e-book here is what WSO has posted…


Al Anon’s basic book, How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics, is now available as an e-book, from the Apple iTunes store. It can be read on Apple computers and iPhones.  The book is priced at $14.99.


This announcement is informational only, and is not an endorsement of Apple computer and its products.  Due to a combination of business and technology issues, the electronic version of How Al-Anon Works is available only from the Apple iTunes store at this time.  Other e-book vendors may offer an electronic version of How Al-Anon Works at a later date.


This announcement was made with the approval of Al-Anon’s Policy Committee, which recognized at its October 2013 meeting that there was no other way to announce the availability of this e-book without stating specifically where the e-book could be acquired.  In June 2012, the Policy Committee reported to Conference members that using outside vendors to sell electronic CAL reflects the realities of today’s technology environment, and is not an endorsement of or affiliation with an outside entity.


How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics e-book (eB-22)

$14.99 U.S., within the World Service Conference structure


Please note that because of royalties, we are unable to provide a complimentary copy of this e-book to Delegates or Literature Coordinators.

Follow Al-Anon Convention on Twitter

A note from: The Committee for the Recipes for Recovery 2014 NFA AFG Convention
I have created a flyer (available from the link below) advertising the Convention Twitter account; the flyer also provides instructions on how to create your own Twitter account and then how to follow the Convention.
I encourage everyone to print the flyer and bring it to their meetings/home group to spread the word about our Twitter feed and new website.  I certainly encourage you to get your own Twitter account and follow us too!
This flyer will remain at this web address so if you are in email contact with any other members in fellowship and wish to share this with them, please do.  I will also put a link to it on our Convention website.
All best wishes from kate

Twitter flyer – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iLt6Nvw2RBYIMrmq7Dxzgq5OdCDW1so75F-ebpPFa_k/edit?usp=sharing

Stepping Stones AFG, Meeting Information

Stepping Stones AFG
St. David’s by the Sea 600 S. 4th St. Cocoa Beach, FL
Mondays from 10:00am to 11:30am

We generally begin our meetings by reading the pages of the day from one or more of our 3 daily readers (“One Day At A Time”, “Courage To Change”, “Hope for Today”).  We then move on to our Step Study using the book, “Paths to Recovery”.  Currently, we are studying Step 4, using the book “Blueprint for Progress”.

Would your group like to have their own page on this website?

If you are a group representative, please contact webmaster if you are interested in having your own “group page” on this website.    Each GR  can request their own login credentials.  Posting news to your page is very much like editing a Microsoft Word document, it’s very easy.    For other district positions, such as literature chair, etc, you may also request your own login, and “chair page”.

On your page you could post announcements specific to your group, like the date of your next “group conscious” or “business meetings”, items of discussion for the next business meeting, changes in times or locations, etc.  You can post flyers, and upload documents to share.  If your group is studying  a particular CAL Book, you can announce it, so that visitors will know which books to bring.  You could post a survey to ask for member input.  Or a survey, asking for volunteers.  Just be sure to be mindful of all our traditions, especially, Tradition 11, “we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, and TV,”.  Be careful not to post last names, email addresses or phone numbers which would compromise anonymity.  And also Tradition 6,  we “ought never endorse, finance or lend our name to any outside enterprise”, keep your posts strictly about Al-Anon business.

You can also post announcements to the District Members’ News page, (which is NOT the same as your GROUP’s page) for things like anniversary parties, that you would like to announce to the entire district.

Please contact webmaster if you are interested.

Yours in service,


Principles Above Personalities



Group Checking Accounts

Dear Panel 52 –

I’m attaching a letter that went out last year about different ways groups can manage their money and explaining how the banks now deal with checking accounts.  Some groups have been in existence prior to 9/11 and were ‘grandfathered’ into the current system as a “business” account however any changes to the account may result in a totally new system for the group.

There is nothing to be done about these rules – they are in place, and they are pretty universal in Florida.

To avoid tripping this lever and having to re-do your account, you could simply order checks with a new name or District number on it – using the same account.

However,  there is nothing wrong with simply opening a personal account with two members signing on it.  This is described in the letter.

Unless your Group (or your District if you are a District Treasurer) is organized first as a corporation and then has completed the complicated 501(c)3 process with the IRS then you do not exist as a “non-profit company” and you cannot use the North Florida Area as some kind of umbrella or parent organization.  We are not organized like that.

Please feel free to call, email or text me if there are any questions.  I’m not a lawyer or an accountant, but I have had a lot of experience with this and can share Experience, Strength and Hope as you move through changes and transitions with Group and District bank accounts.

District Representatives and AISLs :  please pass this along to your Group Reps and Group Contacts!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve -

Cindy J.

Area Treasurer, Panel 52
1700 North Monroe St., Suite 11-120
Tallahassee, FL  32303

Public Outreach: Request for comments

An idea was presented to me for as a means to get the word out about AlAnon w/o promoting it.
Can you ask your groups what they think of purchasing of Small Magnets saying Troubled By Someones Drinking contact us at www.spacecoastalanon.org or call our local#. Would they be willing to make a donation toward these items or should they come out of POR budget only, being donated to the groups or members? Members can place them on their vehicles and in this way we can spread the word that we are here. This was discussed at AWSC and the POR panel is investigating using one of the bookmarks as the magenta. Again your groups input is needed.
Also upon reviewing what other districts have been doing (yes I read their reports) I saw that District 9 sent a Gratitude Letter as opposed to having a Dinner and raised more money then ever before. They also had a Christmas party as a means of fellowship. What do your groups think of this idea? We can do a Gratitude letter w suggested donations for what we are grateful for or just a general letter? We could consider doing a Holiday workshop w a pot luck and program gift exchange; inviting our families, etc to help foster fellowship w/o diluting our program of recovery.
September is Recovery Month. Please ask your groups what thoughts they have on a project for that month whether including our AlAnon faces Alcohol publication or not
Ideas for any means to spread knowledge of who we are and what we do in AlAnon are always welcome
I want to thank the meeting that responded quickly to my thoughts on a traveling road show – it was positive; I look forward to hearing from the rest of you.

Yours in service,

Please send your feedback to Susan at PublicOutreach@SpaceCoastAl-Anon.org.